Friday, March 1, 2013

A friend like u.

A Friend Like You

Not many people can do what you do
To listen and care and talk and help
But you're always here,
When I need some of your time
And all I can do is give you these lines

I wish I could give it all back
With a hundred times more
Because it's more than I could ever deserve,
Even more than I asked for
So I thank you with all of my heart, 
For keeping that wide, open door

I thought I would never find
A true friend like you
I never thought we'd be this way
I thought it would never last
But it has all stayed together,
The heartache left in the past

This is all that I have
To give you my love in return
Please know how grateful I feel
And just in case we one day grow very far
Just look up, and we might be looking at that same star


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