Monday, January 14, 2013

That one friend :)

"That One Friend"

You know that one friend
Who you cordially invite
Who eats all your food
And ruins the night?
That one friend you hate
But you can't resist
Because you're too nice
And so it persists.
You feel sorry
Because they're alone
And their sad excuse
Gets them in your home.
You know they're lying
But not to look rude
You keep them from crying
Not to ruin good moods

You know that one friend
Who slowly ruins your life?
They drag you down with them
Someone get a knife.
Because you want to cut ties
But just then they change
Or so they pretend to
Just so they stay.
Then you're stuck with them
But inside your head
You imagine them on fire
You picture them dead.
Or if that seems too harsh
At least go away
But you're too nice to say so
And so again they stay.

You know that one friend
Who won't leave your side?
But not for good reasons
They call in the night.
Just to say something
Stupid as hell
Or gossip about people
You know nothing about.
Then they compete
To beat your high score
To get better grades
To show something more.
And everywhere you turn
They always show their face
They just don't take no
They don't give you space.
And sooner or later
You snap and explode
They crossed the line
And stepped over nodes.

Well I disposed of that friend
A long time ago
I told him directly
I hope you freeze in the snow.
I left him outside
In his car to defrost
I got tired of trying
I showed him who's boss!
I've given him chances
More than I should
But he always proved
That did him no good.
I called him names
Every dirty word
And then I soon realized
This is absurd!
Why should I waste
My energy and time
But at least he inspired
The words to this rhyme.


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